New 500 Mile Bonus Offer to Earn United Miles for Gassing Up at BP Gas Stations

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Others have already written about this earlier in the year, but sharing in case anyone missed it the first time or, like me, were busy and/or lazy when it was first announced. United Airlines has partnered with BP to offer United miles for purchasing gas at BP stations and they’re offering 500 bonus miles if you register and make a purchase by July 16, 2018.a group of women in a convertible car

How Does BP Driver Rewards Work?

If you sign up for BP Driver Rewards and link your United Mileage Plus account, you can earn up to 3 miles per gallon:

  • 1 award mile per gallon of BP fuel purchased at participating BP locations.
  • 1 additional award mile per gallon of regular or mid-grade fuel purchased when you link a payment method in your account (for a total of 2 miles per gallon).
  • 2 additional award miles per gallon of premium grade fuel purchased when you link a payment method in your account (for a total of 3 miles per gallon).

Note: Maximum of 20 gallons per fuel purchase and you must enter your rewards number or use a linked card at time of purchase to earn miles.

This is not a deal you want to go out of your way for. Similar to the Shell Rewards program that offers $.05 off a gallon, this BP United deal is not so valuable that you want to pay more if other stations are offering gas at cheaper rates. But it is worth registering for the times you do gas up at BP. Readers have commented that the Shell stations near them are always more expensive, but I’ve found several BP and Shell stations along my regular routes that are often the cheapest in town, with the extra discount/mileage earning, they become even better deals. If that winds up being the case for you, you’ll be glad you already registered!

Register now for the 500 mile bonus offer. The original 200 mile bonus for creating an account, linking a payment method, and purchasing fuel at a participating BP gas station still stands.

BUT if you are registered and make a purchase using a linked card by July 16, 2018 you’ll earn an additional 300 miles for a total of 500 miles.

Again, not worth doing unless BP is selling gas at a competitive rate, but if it is, go for it!

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  1. Would also like to add it may be worth it to go out of your way to fuel at BP if your united miles are expiring. Miles have always posted the same day or at most a day later.

  2. Not seeing anything on bp’s website about it being 500 united miles, only the 200 mile offer. am i missing something?

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