Best Bubbly in the Skies

One of my favorite things about flying first class, and this will come as no surprise to those who read my Dom post, is the access to fun new wines, particularly champagnes. So which airlines offer the best bubbly in the skies?

Domestic carriers are absent from my list, although United’s international sparkling is inoffensive. Below are some fun international options to look forward to, with the exception of Thai’s Inter-Asia ’99 Bollinger:

#1. Thai Airways pre-departure Vueve Cliquot Rose and in-flight Dom Perignon
I like Dom best (surprise surprise), but it’s nice to mix it up and the Vueve Cliquot Rose is both tasty AND pretty in the glass. This is certainly a great way to kick off a flight!

#2. Lufthansa Airlines Piper Heidsieck

Served pre-departure with macademia nuts

#3. Cathay Pacific and ANA Krug

Pre-departure Krug in my Cathay Suite


Krug and amuse bouche in ANA’s new first

#4. Turkish Airlines Roederer NV

#5. Swiss Air Laurent-Perrier

#6. Asiana Airlines ’98 Tattinger

#bleh. Thai Airways inter-asia ’99 Bollinger.

(I did love their new first class seats)

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