Winning the War on Scurvy, One Bloody Mary at a Time

Delta SkyClub Bloody MaryThe Bloody Mary pictured above is from the A-Concourse Delta Sky Club in Atlanta and is alcohol-free, but what do you think about early-morning airport drinking? Genteel or Gauche? Have a favorite food or beverage ritual at a particular airport?

If you’re looking for a good read for your next flight, one of my favorite people on Earth has written a book called “Bourbon for Breakfast.”

An except from the book:

Bourbon for breakfast

Check out Bourbon for Breakfast here.


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  • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

    I feel like flying gives you a different set of socially acceptable rules. I’m usually not the only one juggling a screwdriver with a baileys-coffee.

  • There are clearly different norms, I think, but I’m always a but surprised at the number of people I see who are clearly not leisure travelers who are hitting the sauce at 6:00 AM.

    I should also explain the title. A bartender in ATL once said a regular customer would mention the need to battle scurvy when he would order his morning Bloody Mary.


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