Ordering Food in the US Air Lounge Part 2: Salad

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When I was picked up from the airport last weekend, I was regaling my friends with an account of my shrink-wrapped $10 sandwich from Sam & Harry’s. They immediately focused on the Chicken Caeser Salad that was on the menu.

“I wonder how that one is served?”

“Yeah, do they tell you to hold out your hands and they pour it in?”

Well that tickled me, now I HAD to try the Caeser Salad. They probably weren’t going to give it to me without any kind of container, but what an awesome visual.

So Friday rolled around and I walked up to the lounge, probably a little too happily, and requested the salad. It came out of the same fridge as the beer and sandwiches, but was decently packaged in a plastic bowl and came with silverware.

Sam & Harry's Chicken Caeser Salad in the US Air Lounge

The salad was fresh and lacked those annoying inedible end pieces of lettuce. The croutons weren’t all that soggy either, even after being there all day. Unless you really don’t like salad, I recommend it more highly than it’s $1 more breaded counterparts.

Sam & Harry's Chicken Caeser Salad in the US Air Lounge


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