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The last couple of times I’ve been in the US Airways lounge I’ve seen little signs everywhere announcing that you could order food from the Sam & Harry’s downstairs that would be delivered to you in the lounge. Things like Crab Cakes, sandwiches, and wings. Cool.

Usually I’m feeling cheap so I skip the paid real food options before my evening flights and just try to get by on the complimentary carrots, crackers, and cheese. Today I had a light lunch and a couple of hours to kill until my afternoon flight, so I decided I’d try it. Plus, I knew I’d be trying one of the free Seagram’s Cocktails as part of their 30 Days for DC promo and food is always a good option.

So I arrive, and the first thing I notice is all the Sam & Harry’s menus are gone from the tables, ostensibly replaced by the free Seagram’s cocktails table tents. I go up to the bar, think I spot one behind the counter and ask. The attendant rattles off 3 options which I didn’t quite catch, so I ask to see the menu. After much looking, he finally grabs one (the one I had seen), and sure enough, most of the options have been whited out leaving only the chicken ceaser salad, the turkey club sandwich, and the chicken salad sandwich.

No crab cakes 🙁 I’d tried the chicken salad sandwich before downstairs at the restaurant and wasn’t impressed, so I opt for the club sandwich for $10. He opens the refrigerator door, pulls out a plastic wrapped sandwich and plunks it down by my Blackberry seltzer vodka (btw, the blackberry taste is not strong enough to override the vodka).

So that’s what they meant by “Freshly Made Ready Now.” The bread was fresh and surprisingly not as soggy as I anticipated. But there was too much bread and not enough of anything else. I think it might be worth trying to sneak a more appetizing sandwich in than buying one in the lounge. If you wanted salad, that would be a whole ‘nother matter.

Since the Sam & Harry’s is directly underneath the club, I do hope they bring back the hot, or at least non-shrink wrapped, options because I would love the opportunity to have real food in the lounge. If they don’t, they should do away with it all together because my sandwich presentation and taste was not exactly in keeping with the Sam & Harry’s brand.


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