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The Difference Between US Airways & American Airlines Treatment of Elites Isn’t Just Flight Attendants Being Mean

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If you fly American Airlines economy as an Executive Platinum they give you a complimentary alcoholic beverage and any food item off the menu. If you fly US Airways with that same status you get a complimentary alcoholic beverage and an a la carte, read small, snack off the menu.

When I first came across this I just thought it was up to the flight attendant since the menus at the time all mentioned free a la carte snacks, but some would offer any food item. And then I started noticing that all American flights offered full choice and most US Airways flights didn’t. Was it just because the US Airways crews were bitter about the merger?

Today I discovered it’s an official policy. Per the US Airways Marketplace webpage:

AAdvantage® Executive Platinum and ConciergeKeyTM members can now enjoy a complimentary snack, where available, and standard alcoholic beverage* when flying in the Main Cabin onboard US Airways, US Airways Express, American Airlines and American Eagle. The snack on American includes any food item on our menu. The snack on US Airways includes any item from our “a’ la carte†menu.

Questioned answered!

And to be clear, I’m not complaining about US Airways. I still think offering any kind of snack and drink in recognition of the people who fly 100k miles a year is a fantastic perk and goes a long way to reconciling those times when the upgrade doesn’t clear.

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  1. I noticed this also on every flight with the exception of PHX-HNL which I was allowed to order a fruit and cheese tray

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