Hotel Review: Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa

a bedroom with a bed and a picture on the wall

One of the things I love most about the Sheraton Anchorage (and not because its not a great hotel) is the 6PM day of cancellation policy for award stays. I had cause to use it multiple times, the first when my flight was cancelled, and then multiple times the day of as I waffled between when and where I’d be staying and if it would be a club room on points, which apparently requires a completely new reservation.

But I got that all settled on my drive back to Anchorage and showed up at the hotel around 6. The desk clerk knew exactly who I was since he’d apparently just gotten off the phone with the helpful Starwood rep who had changed all my reservations.

I had chosen the club floor and was soon settling into my room. A basic room with a view of a cemetary, the downtown area, and a glimpse of the harbor in the distance.Invalid request error occurred.

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What stood out the most was the bathroom which seemed a little ornate compared to the rest of the room.

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After calling up Alaska Saltwater Lodge & Tours about availability I headed into the lounge for the evening hors d’oeuvres.

I was excited about the view from the lounge which faces north, but I had some reservations because most the recent reviews complained that the food was gone an hour in and never replaced, that and that no alcohol was offered.

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I walked in and sure enough there were only about 5 slices of cheese left on a plate that had clearly held 50+. There were three serving dishes of appetizers as well, including mini-spring rolls, that were almost gone. And just leaving the lounge were the culprits, a group of 6 or so twenty-somethings who had clearly just had their dinner.

Darn. I picked a couple of slices of cheese and some egg rolls along with a diet coke and headed to the other end of the lounge to take in the gorgeous view. About 10 min later a lounge attendant came in to replenish the cheese & crackers and all the appetizers. And apparently kept coming in throughout the evening because when I popped back in later at 7:45, the cheese plate was nearly full even though there’d been a steady stream of traffic.

I turned in around 9PM, reveling in the comfort compared to the Denali Princess Lodge. The bed was the standard, uber-comfortable Sheraton bed that I love and 5AM came way too early.


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