Snow for the Iditarod!

a city with lights and mountains in the background

When I landed in Anchorage last night, it didn’t look anything like I had expected. Yes I had heard about the record low snowfall. DC got more in one storm than Anchorage had all winter. But I wasn’t prepared for there to be no snow. None. Everything brown and dry.

a city with lights and mountains in the background
Anchorage to the west at 7AM

Now the stories of snow being brought in on 7 rail cars on Thursday made a lot more sense. And then right before we headed out to take in the sights of downtown Anchorage, the snow began to fall — big feathery flakes.

a woman standing on a sidewalk in the snow

Now 3 inches isn’t really enough to fix the snow problem, but every little bit helps and at least it looks a little more authentic. 🙂

a snow covered city with cars and buildings
Anchorage to the west at 2PM
a collage of a city
Downtown Anchorage Before & After

I’ll be posting about the race experience tomorrow and you can also get a front seat view via Google Street View.

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