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This weekend marked my very first Andaz stay and the last few days of my beloved Diamond Status. I planned to be out in Napa for Freemark Abbey’s 2008 Sycamore Cabernet release party and was super excited when the Andaz Napa had a semi-affordable rate.

I’d always wanted to stay in downtown Napa, but the Westin Verasa was always too expensive and it was better to stay in San Fran or at the Sheraton Petaluma. So now I finally got an Andaz stay AND a downtown experience.

The Andaz Napa is easy to find, but First Street is one way, so if you miss the loading area immediately in front, you’re in for a very circuitous route to get back. Fortunately traffic is never bad and the second go around gave me and my friend a chance to scope out our dinner options for later.

Check-in was quick and painless. We were greeted immediately upon entering, even though the lobby was quite busy at that point. They’re high tech and a guy with an iPad was soon pulling up our record and handing us our keys. I’d called a month before to request a confirmed suite upgrade, which sounded like it had gone through, but then he mentioned we’d been put in a King Loft because of my Diamond status. Wasn’t sure if he assumed that’s what happened or if the actual confirmed suite upgrade wasn’t necessary.

Andaz Napa Lobby

Mercantile Bar Andaz Napa

He invited us to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine near the bar, which we sipped half of and then decided to go park the car and check out our room. Complimentary self-parking is immediately behind the hotel in the Clay Street Parking Garage with overnight parking allowed Level 2 and up.

From the garage you can enter the hotel through the back way, although it was a little confusing. The entrance door (which requires a key card) is actually through the Farmer’s Market restaurant. A kind staff member saw us walking by with all our luggage and hastened to help us find the door and let us in.

Napa Andaz from Clay Parking Garage

back entrance to Napa Andaz
We had been assigned Room 430 which was right on the corner overlooking the Napa Visitors Center. Incidentally, I love the Andaz key cards.

Andaz Napa Key Cards
My friend was feeling creative so that left me to be uncomplicated (if only!).


The room was fantastic. It had a nice sitting area with almost wall to wall windows that followed the curve of the building.


Andaz Napa King Loft

The sitting room opened onto the bedroom (no door) which featured a giant soaking tub right in front of the enormous windows. HA.

Andaz Napa King Loft

Andaz Napa King Loft Soaking Tub
The bathroom was on the small side, but very light and with a great shower. For once a rain shower that had great pressure but didn’t make me feel like I was drowning and didn’t flood the rest of the bathroom.

Andaz Napa Bathroom



Andaz Napa Bathroom
I thought the little wooden stool was a great touch, both functionally and aesthetically.

Andaz Napa Bathroom Shower
I enjoyed the property-specific amenities, in this case a grape theme. The lotion was rather watery but I loved the shampoo which left my hair very shiny.

Andaz Napa Bathroom Grape Amenities
The only downside to bathroom was the sliding door which did little to minimize noise. And given the fact there was no door between the living room and the bathroom, there was zero privacy.

The bed however was great! I slept soundly about 10 hours, only waking once. The covers were the perfect thickness too. For once I didn’t have to sleep with it freezing cold just so I wouldn’t wake up sweating.

I’d read that other folks upgraded to Lofts had fireplaces in their rooms, but I think I preferred the abundance of windows that most rooms didn’t appear to have.

The mini-bar was modestly but sufficiently appointed with free stuff, a juice, a couple of sodas and waters. I was so excited about the whole experience though that I forgot the mini-bar was free until the next morning when it was basically moot.

Andaz Napa Minibar

We woke up early the next morning, having crashed early after a great mexican dinner at Don Perico’s a few blocks away (I recommend the steak fajitas). They hadn’t mentioned the breakfast amenity at check-in, so I called down to find out. Diamonds get $40 for breakfast regardless of the number of registered guests.

The Farmer’s Market menu was rather exciting. Another case of too many options, but I decided on the Chicken Sausage Hash, which was quite good — very spicy and surprisingly sweet. I was seriously tempted by the Roasted Bacon Banana Pancakes though…

Farmer's Market Breakfast Menu Andaz Napa


Andaz Napa chicken sausage hash

Andaz Napa Farmer's Market breakfast
My friend chose the omelette with a side of spicy potatoes. Those potatoes were the best potato dish I’ve ever eaten!! Our server was happy to share the recipe: cayenne pepper, lemon pepper, a tiny bit of garlic salt, paprika, and regular salt. And then they’re deep fried, which explains the incredible flavor and texture.

Andaz Napa omelette with spicy potatoes

During breakfast the downside of that back entrance became apparent when folks were walking through in their gym clothes in order to access the complimentary fitness club next door.

Check out was pretty quick, although funnily enough there was another person with the same last name staying in the same room one floor above and I almost wound up paying their bill. And I was really pleased to see that though our bill had come to $41.04 + tip, they didn’t bill us the extra overage.

The Andaz Napa was a great property! Even with all the great stuff they had to offer, I think one of the highlights was the unfailing friendliness and attentiveness of their staff – I just wish I’d been able to stay more than one night.


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