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Andaz Napa: Come for the Potatoes, Stay for Everything Else

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For my dad’s first trip to Napa, I splurged a little and booked the Andaz Napa. Most of the hotels were sold out, so there wasn’t a whole lot of options, and let’s face it, I’ll use any excuse to stay return to that property!

As I probably mentioned in my first review, it’s a great, bright new building only a block or two from the main strip of stores and restaurants. The lobby is bright and airy and appropriately wine themed with the concierge desk being composed of a rough wooden board atop two wine barrels. Apparently I was too tired or too familiar with the set up to take any new pictures.

Andaz Napa Lobby

Check in was quick — we were seated on one of the couches and offered a glass of sav blanc or cabernet. The rep brought over an iPad, checked all our details and printed out our keys from a nearby station. (I do love their card designs)

Andaz Napa Large Loft key card

When I first stayed about a year ago, I had applied a suite upgrade to the reservation to a corner suite. When Jeanne & I returned in October (also on a busy weekend), Diamond status didn’t get us a better room. I tried to apply an upgrade to this reservation, but was apparently lucky just to get a room. So I put in a request for at least double beds and hoped for the best!

When checking in I was told they didn’t have any double rooms available, but that there was a sofa bed that could be made up if we wished. That at least sounded hopeful that we had a large room. Turns out we had been upgraded to a Andaz Large Loft on the top floor! One with a dual fireplace to boot.

Andaz Napa Large Loft King

Andaz Napa Large Loft Fireplace

And they had already made up sofa bed for us. Though it made it impossible to hang out in the living room, it also saved us the hassle and wait of having to call down to have it made up.
Andaz Napa Large Loft Sofa Bed

The bathroom was gloriously large with two sinks and a rain shower at one end and the toilet at the other.

Andaz Napa Large Loft Shower

And it was fun to have one of the giant soaking tubs. Although since the curtain that screens it is mesh, and it was placed directly in the line of site from the sofa bed, neither of us would be using it. 😛

Andaz Napa Large Loft soaking tub

Free non-alcoholic drinks and snacks from the minibar is always nice.

Andaz Napa Large Loft free minibar

I will note that the rooms aren’t particularly well set up (and probably don’t need to be) for families or friends to share a room. The wooden floors make it hard not make noise, not ideal if one person is sleeping, and the sliding door to the bathroom, combined with the floors, does little to muffle sound. Just something to keep in mind if you’re considering a stay!

Complimentary gym access is available at the gym next door — my dad tried it out and reported that they have a large hot tub and indoor pool, as well as a variety of machines. He also took advantage of the free wine tasting in the lobby from 5-6PM on his way back to the room.

The next morning I was super excited about breakfast at Farmer’s Table. Diamond’s get breakfast for up to 4 people — The farmer’s breakfast or up to $22 + 15% gratuity for each person.

On previous visits they had the most amazing breakfast potatoes. So good I skipped the buffet just so I could make sure they were as hot and fresh as possible. The buffet was no longer being offered, but in my opinion ordering off this menu is more desirable anyway!

Andaz Farmers Table Menu

I went with the three-egg omelet with spiced potatoes. The potatoes weren’t quite as noteworthy as before, but all the food was good.

Andaz Farmers Table Breakfast

I love the ambiance of the restaurant too, although find it strange that to get to the gym requires folks to walk through the restaurant.

Andaz Farmers Table Rick

I have not stayed at the Westin Verasa yet, but for a downtown Napa hotel location, the Andaz will be hard to beat!


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