A Review of Spirit’s Drink Box Cocktails: Sangria

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Context:  We sent our poor guest blogger, Tiff, on a Spirit flight to try their canned wines.  We wanted to know if they were any good–and while we could guess the answer to that, it was more fun to have Tiff try it.  We sent her back to try Spirit’s drink-box like mixed drinks.

Check out this story for her canned wine saga.

Spirit Sangriiia SangriaWe went on the first of two trips flying on Spirit airlines this month. On our first trip during our flight out I was able to try the Gasolina brand Sangria beverage for $7. It’s the drink that is in a Capri-Sun-style pouch (but not owned or affiliated by Capri-Sun).

I’m not convinced there was much alcohol in the drink; but it tasted like I would expect a pre-mixed Sangria beverage to taste. I would choose it over wine-in-a-can any day of the week and twice on Sunday; but I would probably rather order a regular wine, beer, or spirit over the Sangria.

For those who have followed my previous posts about flying on Spirit and how to do it and still save money; there have been a couple of updates to Spirit’s extra charges since the last time I wrote about them.

Spirit Sangriiia SanriaIt is now $10 per person to print off your ticket at the airport (previously, it was $5). This is what the E-mail said when it sent me the reminder to check-in online:

“Check-in online now and don’t forget to print your boarding pass! If you wait to check in at the airport with an agent, it will cost $10 per person. Why? It costs us less when you check in at home, and we can continue to pass those savings on to you with even lower fares.”

The E-mail also encouraged purchasing bags online before getting to the airport. I had already done this a week prior to our flight, but this is what the message said: “Buy your bags online now – bags are more expensive at the airport. You don’t want to wait – bags bought at the gate cost $100 each. Why? Last-minute purchases slow down boarding and cause delays.”

I appreciate that they’re at least trying to explain to customers why they have some extreme extra costs.

On the flight out they did what they had done in the past and asked people on the flight to apply for Spirit’s Mastercard which included extra bonus miles for turning in your application before we landed. On the return flight they had a representative walking around to people in the waiting area asking if we wanted to apply for the credit card and there was no mention of a bonus for applying at the airport.

I did briefly consider seeing if they had the Mojito beverage to try on the return flight home, but since it was 9am in the morning I decided to wait until our next trip.

Another thing I have to say for Spirit; I’ve only had a delayed flight once in the past 18 months I’ve been flying on them and that was the out and back to Houston for the wine-in-a-can run. Every other flight I’ve been on with them as been on-time or early. The luggage seems to take longer than other airlines to get to baggage claim (I’ve never timed it so I can’t verify this), but the flights have been extremely punctual. We’ll see if the trend continues…


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