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My Search For New Black Heels For Traveling #2

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My search for a new pair of comfortable black heels continues. The days of being able to try on a pair and immediately tell if they’d be super comfortable seem to be over 🙁

The Rampage pumps have turned out even worse than I first thought. So I opportunistically stopped at Loehmann’s last week to see what they had, and I found a potentially promising pair: Jessica Simpson Marya pumps which had been marked down to $19.19.

Jessica Simpson Mayra Pump Black

The JS brand tends to run a little small so I wound up a half size larger which makes them a little too roomy if wearing hose. After a full day of running around the office I found them fairly comfortable — at least no red flags. The only issue so far which might not make them a great travel pick is the awesome texture.

They have a snakeskin finish done on soft man-made materials. I like the slight shine they have, but it will make it really hard to polish or clean — a problem I realized when I was picking my way through snowy puddles yesterday. So a win on looks, a fair grade on comfort, but for practicality, probably not my best choice.

However, all female readers should run to the clearance rack at their local DSW to see what is in their size!! Two weeks ago I got a great pair of boots and last week I stumbled on a pair of Steve Madden Wade Wedges in black canvas for $10 which might become one of my summer travel staples.

Steve Madden p-wade espadrilles

I’m  not a huge fan of super-tall wedges, preferring the less clunky elegance of a tapered heel, but these felt really comfortable in the store, and for $10, wasn’t a huge risk. I got a chance to try them out this weekend for a friend’s mexican fiesta theme party and had no problem running around all day,  navigating stairs, children, and even a few impromptu muay thai stances 🙂

I was surprised that the straps didn’t irritate my heels and the shoes didn’t feel that heavy. And I’ll admit to a little bit of vanity, I was completely won over when I saw how nice they looked in all the photographs 😀 (And no, I don’t know how a green tiger print is relevant to Mexican Fiestas…)

sm wade wedge photo

So I definitely suggest checking out the DSW clearance racks for any blue or yellow-labeled shoes just in case there’s an amazing deal in your size.


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