I’m Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today!

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Two weekends ago was a rare moment in our family because we had absolutely nothing planned for the entire weekend; not Friday night, not Saturday, not Sunday. Then I got a message from Keri telling me she was going to be in town longer than she had planned and she asked if we were doing anything on Saturday. First, I felt bad because I had no idea she was flying through again this weekend, then I was excited because we actually had no plans and could coordinate getting together while she was in town.

We made the decision that I would go and have lunch with Keri while the rest of the family stayed home. Had this been a planned visit and we had more time we could have planned for all of us to visit; but since we were looking at only a few hours, it seemed easiest if only I went. Since Keri was getting in late we decided I would pick her up around 11 the next morning, enough to have a few hours and grab lunch before she had to catch her flight to Alaska.

IMG952013072095120222950Fun fact, the nearest town to the DFW airport isn’t Dallas or Fort Worth; it’s actually Grapevine, Texas. A cute little town we usually go to 1) go to the big outlet mall 2) to ride on Thomas the Train or 3) go to a festival weekend. I had never been there on a normal Saturday without either going to the mall or going to a special event in town. I realized this would give me the opportunity to try out a less-than-kid-friendly restaurant we don’t normally go to so I made sure to look up the restaurants on TripAdvisor.

Note: I don’t care what anyone says, I still stand by TripAdvisor.

With a list of a few recommended restaurants on hand I went to pick up Keri. I told her Grapevine was about a 10 minute drive away and off we went.

I knew Grapevine had cute little shops and restaurants on their Main St; what I forgot was they had a Farmers Market every weekend during the summer too. I felt bad for Keri since a lot of the things we were trying, olive oil, salsa, wine, etc. were things she couldn’t take back with her since she didn’t have a checked bag. Because of that I may have reminded Keri that Jeanne and her husband were coming out next month to visit his family and Jeanne might be able to bring a few things back for her. 😉

IMG952013072095122836950After walking up and down the street we found ourselves in front of one the restaurants I saw recommended on TripAdvisor; Into the Glass Wine Bar and Texas Cafe. I was originally intrigued because I saw they had Fritz wine on their menu (a place we went to on our Passport wine tasting tour) and that’s not a wine I’ve seen available in Texas before. I did warn Keri ahead of time I haven’t tried any of the restaurants in the area; she said she was up for trying it so in we went.

Being a wine bar, they had such an extensive wine list we went with trying “tastes” of wines. We also split an appetizer, the Brie and Chicken Nachos, and a sandwich, the Grilled Shrimp BLT with (as Keri mentioned) a side of the Chevre and Scallion Mashers. It was also nice because they brought us out our half-a-sandwich and the mashers on our own individual plates. The nachos weren’t bad, but not what we expected.


The sandwich and the mashers more than made up for any disappointment we may have had with the nachos. I was amazed that something as seemingly simple as a sandwich and mashed potatoes with chevre could be so good. I would love to go back and try their Fried Bologna or Pork and Apple sandwiches with a side of Gorgonzola Grits! =) The desserts sounded amazing too, but we were too full to try any, something else I’ll have to go back and have another day.

Keri and TiffUnfortunately after that I had to take Keri back to the airport. I knew the last thing she wanted was to miss her connection after already missing out on her day in Alaska.

I felt bad the Keri had to miss her day in Alaska, but I’m glad it gave us the opportunity to hang out, even if it was only for a few hours. Hopefully the next time we see each other will be for a planned trip, location TBD.


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