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If you ever get the chance, you should take someone interested in, but not fanatical about, travel with you on a mattress run…

On the same night I needed a Hyatt stay to meet my Diamond Status challenge requirements (12 stays in 60 days) I wound up going to dinner with a friend recently back from an international business trip. When he suggested several restaurants, I looked up all the local Hyatts and saw there was a decently priced one only 1/2 a mile from Elephant Jumps. So I voted for Thai.

It wasn’t until he had picked me up and we were on our way to the restaurant that I asked him if he’d mind swinging by the Hyatt House after dinner so I could run in and check in.

Him: Ummm. Are you staying there?

Me: Not unless you’re driving out tomorrow morning to take me home.

Him: What am I missing?

I then explained the Hyatt challenge, why it was worth doing an unnecessary stay, and how much the status would be worth for the next year and a half, which he totally got. He’s a budding travel enthusiast himself, and while this isn’t something he’d do, he could understand my reasons.

So after an amazing dinner of crispy salmon salad, roti with amazing green chicken curry, crispy scallops with basil, and spicy drunken noodles, we made our way to the Hyatt House.

Elephant Jumps Chicken green curry with roti

As we were waiting to check in we discussed the various merits of different hotels and their elite benefits. I got my key and we ran up to the room to see what it was like.

hyatt standard bathroom

It was a basic room, I was a little sad I didn’t have a balcony like some other rooms did because the weather was perfect and I wouldn’t have minded taking the time to sip a cup of tea out there. But alas.

So after a few minutes of checking out the view and pocketing the toiletries, we left. He hesitated.

Him: Don’t you need your key card?

Me: No, I’m not coming back.

Him: So you’re going to check out on the way out?

Me: No.

Him: <blank look>

Me: They’ll check me out automatically sometime between 9-noon tomorrow and email me a receipt.

I could see him struggling to accept that I had just payed good money for a room that I hadn’t used and wasn’t coming back to. Intellectually he got how a $100 room in Chantilly, VA would make it possible for me to get upgraded to a $1,000 suite in Asia, etc but when faced with the actual process of checking in and leaving, it was a bit much for the moment.

And it was so fun to observe. I bet my own face had that expression the the first time I checked in for a superflous stay that was more like a drive by. 🙂


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