Why the Vinesse Wine Offer of 9,000 US Airways Miles Isn’t Worth It

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I got a sudden adrenalin rush from an email I just received from US Airways (almost as much as I did from Hack My Trip’s tweet about $1 United fares to Europe. Note: tax adds another $600).

“Get 9,000 miles & 12 wines to savor” all for only $79.

Vinesse US Airways 9000 miles offer

That works out to less than a penny a mile!! Wow!

But having recently been asked by friends about similar, less lucrative offers that wound up not to be good deals, I was cautious. I scoured the website to make sure that it would actually be 9,000 miles with the first purchase and not 9,000 miles for staying enrolled in the club for a certain amount of time and additional expense.

Unlike the previous offers there was not a breakout of the points earnings — 2,000 for first shipment, 2,ooo for the second shipment, etc. So I was feeling hopeful. I even ran it by Jeanne for her lawyerly opinion. Then I found the page: How it works. It still wasn’t terribly clear, but the 1,500 miles per shipment had been bolded. And 1,500 miles multiplied by 6 shipments equals 9,000 miles.

Just to make sure, I called and asked. The agent quoted me different mileage breakouts, but the point was the same. There was no deal for 9,000 miles for the first shipment.

And at 1500 miles, not a terribly great deal.

Now there are some that would argue you’re getting free wine, so 1,500 miles for $79 + 12 bottles is a good deal. Well, I’ve tried Vinesse before. A few of the bottles tasted ok, and many did not, but boy did I have some of the worst hangovers the morning after sharing a bottle. It might just be that I’m extra sensitive to certain chemicals in the wine, but it was rough enough that I wouldn’t recommend them.

So if you’re still interested, wait for a better offer like the 4,000 miles for 2 shipments and drink at your own risk.

Disclaimer: We do not receive affiliate credit if you purchase anything from Vinesse. And in fact, I had such a bad experience with the actual wine that I would refuse any payment on principle alone, since I wouldn’t recommend the offer for anything other than earning miles. If you like their wine and don’t get hangovers, know that I’m jealous!\


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