Roadtrip to the “Sweetest Place on Earth”

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When we couldn’t find any cheap airfare a few weekends ago, Jeanne & I decided to take a road trip up to Hershey, PA. After all, it wouldn’t do to be in town more than one weekend a month!

Hershey PA streetlamps (251x400)We both love amusement parks and I had a hankering to see the Hershey Kiss shaped street lights again. Not to mention the beautiful drive through farmland. Only 2 hours away from DC, it could have been done in as a day trip, but we decided it would be more fun to make a weekend of it.

Jeanne generously offered to use some of her umpteen million Club Carlson points, and by booking with her Club Carlson business Visa, we got the second night free just in case we wanted more time in the area.

We beat the storm into town (barely), checked into our hotel, and then headed out the 20 miles to Hershey, debating what we should do. The original plan was to visit the theme park and then Chocolate World, perhaps walk around the downtown or tour the gardens of the Hotel Hershey. The torrential downpour that had followed us into town put a slight damper on those plans.

Fortunately we’d heard from a colleague that the Hotel Hershey had an amazing covered porch where you could sit outside in nice weather sipping drinks and listening to live music. And though outside might not be a good option, the interior of the hotel was quite pleasant as well.

Peanut Butter Cup Martini

After Jeanne enjoyed her Reese’s Cup Martini we did a driving tour of the cute downtown and wound up at the fine dining restaurant in the basement of the Howard Johnson. Unique finds like What If… are some of the things I enjoy most about travel.

Howard Johnson What If...Hershey PA

Not even our late visit to Chocolate World and watching Jeanne go a little nuts at the dark chocolate options can top it. The next morning we decided to postpone a visit to nearby Valley Forge to sometime when the fall foliage was out and instead checked out a few Pennsylvania wineries on our way home.

PA Hwy15 Secenery

The scenery alone was worth the trip!


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