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Lost Memories? Backing Up Your Pictures While Traveling

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Have you ever had a trip half ruined when your camera or phone was stolen, damaged, or lost? I have! And for me it’s not just the cost of replacement or the inconvenience of doing without it – it’s all the pictures that are gone, impossible to replace, unless you’ve instagrammed every moment of your trip. (Picture below is the only Alaska picture I had after I lost my camera on a mileage run)

As close as I got to the Alaska Mountains

That’s why I’ve tried to get in the habit on trips of taking a few minutes every night to copy all the pictures I’ve taken that day to a flash drive. I then make sure I don’t keep the flash drive in the same bag as the camera, so it would take me losing all my luggage permanently to lose the photos.

Of course what works best will depend on the individual, here are the easiest ways I know to back your photos up:

  • Transfer to a flash drive
  • Download to your computer
  • Upload automatically to Dropbox. Some phones and wifi enabled cameras can be set up to automatically upload all new pictures to your Dropbox account. If that isn’t an option, you can also set your Dropbox settings to grab all new photos when you connect your device to your computer.
  • Turn on Google+ Auto Backup

I’d love to hear of other ways you’ve found to keep your pictures safe!

Note: If you sign up for Dropbox using my link, I’ll get 500MB of extra storage. If you purchase a flash drive via our Amazon link, Jeanne & I will receive referral credit. If you enable Auto Backup on Google+, make sure you have the right privacy settings in place! 🙂


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