Is This the Best Travel Book Ever?

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I just got the most amazing gift! My parents sent me a copy of Off the Tourist Trail: 1,000 Unexpected Travel Alternatives.

Amazon Off the Tourist Trail Cover

I loved the thoughtfulness, but I’ll confess I was skeptical as to how interesting a giant coffee table book on travel was going to be. Then I stayed up an extra hour that night just to go through it. When I showed it to a friend, I came back into the room a few minutes later to find her completely immersed.

Why is it so great? The book offers alternatives to common, often crowded, tourist destinations. Want to see Stonehenge? Try Avebury instead.

Avebury vs Stonehenge Off the Tourist Trail

That pages that sold me on the book. I’ve been to both locations years ago. Stonehenge was a huge disappointment, I hadn’t expected it to be right at the crossroads of two busy highways and strict rules prevented us from getting very close to the stones. A local suggested we detour to Avebury instead and I spent several blissful hours wandering around the stone circle that surrounds the tiny town, getting as close as I wanted.

Avebury reasons Off the Tourist Trail

The book highlights why Avebury is better or more enjoyable and then also offers 6 other stone formations that might be equally interesting. All with beautiful pictures. 🙂

It covers the usual destinations — the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Napa, etc — as well as things like popular hikes, national parks, safaris and festivals. Half the fun was just scrolling through the pages seeing how many of the places I’d already been or even recognized.

Off the Tourist Trail Festival Suggestions

Definitely an amazing gift — good for seasoned and armchair travelers alike.

Note: if you decide to buy a copy through our link above, we will receive referral credit. But this post was really just an excuse for me to share my excitement about the book with more people as well as how great my parents are!


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