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Favorite Wine Accessories for Travel

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Here are three items we’ve found make it easier to incorporate wine into our travel, whether we’re hauling it there, hauling it back, or drinking by the bottle. (and contrary to popular opinion, our favorite wine gadgets do not include a wine bra to take wine through airport security).

The Unconfiscatable Corkscrew — I got very tired of having to buy screwtop wine or purchase a wine opener I’d have to surrender at security. I tested a bunch and finally found one to keep in my carry-on luggage that will never get confiscated because the foil cutter is does not have a blade. I’d originally bragged it didn’t even get flagged by security for secondary screening, but right after posting that article, I got held up several trips in a row trying to explain to them that it was a corkscrew, it just didn’t have the blade.


Jetbag — Never worry about a broken bottle staining the contents of your suitcase! The Jetbag is like a diaper for your wine. Better than the wine skin which only provides a bubble wrap buffer, the Jetbag has an extremely absorbant liner that can soak up an entire bottle of wine. We know, because we tested it out. 🙂


Wine Check — the one downside to all my wine tasting trips is figuring out how to get my purchases back or spending time tracking down a wine shipping box. The Wine Check not only has the styrofoam interior you want in shipping case, it also zips (so you’re not trying to find packing tape) and has wheels. I’ve tried (and failed) to carry an entire case of wine in my arms while also wheeling my suitcase more times than I’d care to admit!

Wine Check

And a bonus suggestion for road trips — at picnics or outdoor concerts consider these wine stakes which make it easy to set your glass or bottle down on the grass without worrying about them tipping over. (Great Christmas gift from Jeanne!)

true fabrications picnic stix


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