My First Flight in Austrian Airlines Business Class VIE-IAD

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I had my first experience with Austrian Airlines Business Class last month on my flight back to DC from Vienna. And not for a moment did I second guess my decisions to splurge and buy the upgrade!

After checking out the Vienna Airport Senator Lounge, I headed to the gate and boarded shortly after. I’d noticed on the seat map that Austrian Airline’s business class seats were staggered, so every other seat had their arm rest/work space closest to the aisle. I deliberate picked one of those so I wouldn’t get constantly bumped during boarding as people filed back to their seats.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Seat Map

The business class cabin was barely half full on the Monday morning flight and mostly with the window seats which increased the feeling of privacy.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Empty

There was a much larger pillow and blanket than I’d had in Economy on the flight over.The amenity kit was done in an authentic Austrian style and had a fairly decent selection of items. No high end face or hand creams, but I wasn’t expecting them either.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit

Austrian Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit Contents

The seat was comfortable and had options for back massage. The controls for the in-flight entertainment were sleek — though because they were located in the armrest, I often unintentionally paused my movie when I leaned my elbow on the cover.

Austrian Airlines Business Class seat controls

Austrian Airlines Business Class In-Flight Entertainment Control

There were only two downsides to the seat. The first is that there is no significant storage space, so my laptop case had to be in the overhead for take off and landing. The second, none of the electrical outlets worked to charge my laptop or iPad. And I tried some of the empty seats as well as my own.

Austrian Airlines Business Class leg room

Austrian Airlines Business Class Outlets

The selection of in-flight movies and TV shows was decent. They had more than a couple dozen options, but not the library that Singapore and Cathay Pacific carry.

And now for the best part, the food! There’s a chef that takes your order personally, and it shows in the food, which was all quite good, particularly the dessert and I’m not a dessert person.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Chef Taking Orders

Austrian Airlines Business Class Potato Dumplings with Pork

Austrian Airlines Business Class VIE IAD dessert

In-flight coffee is also a specialty, and you have a separate menu that show cases your choices. For a full review of the menu options, see my food only post. 🙂

Austrian Airlines Business Class March 2014 Coffee Menu

Austrian Airlines Business Class Kaffee Verkehrt

The bathroom is basic, though many of the amenities I thought were missing from the kit, like a comb and toothbrush/toothpaste

Austrian Airlines Business Class Bathroom

I don’t fly international business class very often — I’m either using miles and therefore in first, or I’m paying for it, and thus in Economy, so my basis for comparison are slight. That said, I was really happy with it all! I didn’t want the flight to go longer, but neither did I need it to end as soon as possible, like I would have if I hadn’t upgraded from economy!

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