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I normally combine mention of an airline’s food with my review of that overall experience. However, the food on Austrian Airlines is so much better than any business class I’ve experienced (though that has been limited) and as good as many international first class meals I’ve had, like Singapore, that I thought it deserved its own detailed post.

We started with nuts and I chose to stick with the Duval-Leroy Fleur de Champagne Brut I’d been drinking before takeoff.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Dinner Service Plating

I loved the little details with the plating, including a tiny clothespin to affix your napkin to your clothing if you wish.

Austrian Airlines Business Class clothespin for napkin

The chef comes around to take your order personally.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Chef Taking Orders

The menu had quite a few appealing options for the entree and I wasn’t sure whether to go for the deep fried chicken breast or the grilled butterfish. I asked the chef and he recommended the traditional potato dumplings with pork.

That had been last on my list because, after all, we are on a plane, even if it does have a chef and I worried an already heavy option would become more so. But if the chef is recommending, it must be pretty good, so I chose it.

But first came two other courses.

The “antipasti from our trolley.” I went with the Mozzerella and tomatoes, a prawn with marinated zucchini, and a falafel with mint yogurt. (All were good though the falafel was a touch dry.

Austrian Airlines Business Class hors d'oerves

Next up was a creamy tomato soup that was ladled at your seat.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Soup Ladle

Austrian Airlines Business Class creamy tomato soup

And then it was time for the main entree. The chef had recommended right! The bacon on top was unbelievably crispy and the dumpling lighter and moister than I would have dreamed possible.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Potato Dumplings with Pork

I was pretty full and could have skipped the dessert but decided I’d try the banana chocolate tart. The steward also suggested I try the “Wiener Waschermadel,” deep fried apricot stuffed with marzipan drizzled with warm vanilla sauce. The chocolate tart was good. The apricot was to die for!!

Austrian Airlines Business Class VIE IAD dessert

Then it was time for the after dinner coffee. Which other bloggers have noted comes with it’s own menu!

I typically don’t order coffee on flights because it winds up being Nescafe Instant, even in First Class, but I thought this was worth a shot. I waffled between getting the Einspanner coffee with whipped cream and powdered sugar or the Franziskaner which is doused with milk and blended with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Kaffee Verkehrt

In the end I was rather sedate and went with the Kaffee Verkehrt, coffee with hot milk and foamed milk. And it was fantastic as well as elegantly prepared.

I was so thrilled with the food I asked if I could get my picture with the chef who seemed pleased, but a little surprised by the request. 🙂

Austrian Airlines Business Class Inflight Chef Keri VIE-IAD

After dinner I reclined my chair flat and dozed for a few hours while watching movies on and off (so much for getting work done). The second course was served a few hours before landing. This time I avoided the “safe” choice and went straight for the “Frankfurter Wurstel” made of turkey sausages instead of the Shrimp Caesar salad.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Wiener Waschermadel turkey frankfurter

Some of the best frankfurters I’ve ever had, though I wished for more mustard and horseradish.

I had hoped the food would be this good, but was surprised at how well it delivered. Definitely as good, if not better, than some of the international first class meals I’ve had!


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