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When Holidays Threaten Your Holiday

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Ever planned a trip around one particular destination or attraction only to find out too late that it won’t be open?

I scheduled a 36 hour layover in Seoul on an upcoming trip so my friend & I would have time to see some sites, most notably the DMZ and JSA (conference building that straddles the border between North and South Korea).

I started looking into tours several months before our date and discovered they don’t offer tours of the JSA on Mondays. Guess what day of the week our one full day in Seoul lands on?

So we then spent a lot of time trying to figure out if we could take the tour on Tuesday and still get back in time to catch our afternoon flight. We finally found an option that let us check our luggage in advance at Seoul Station which would buy us enough time/convenience that we could do it. We’d be cutting it close, but getting to see the border would be worth it.

Turns out that Tuesday is Buddha’s birthday. So they’re not running tours that Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. AUGH.

Fortunately getting to see the DMZ wasn’t the highlight of the entire trip, so it wasn’t completely devastating, but still a disappointing.

Travel Lesson Learned Reminded: If the point of your trip is based on getting to do one or two specific things, do your homework before you lock in airfare and hotels. Fortunately I thought ahead when booking my Vienna trip and chose dates when I knew the Lippezaners would be performing.


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