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Remember Last Week When I Said No Hats?

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I need to do a better job of taking my own advice.

Last week I  evaluated the practicality of celebrities’ travel attire, and one of the points was avoiding hats. They’re awkward, difficult to pack, you can’t stick in the overhead and unless it has a very narrow brim, you can’t comfortablly lean back in your seat without damage.

This weekend I was visiting my parents and found the very broad brimmed sun hat I’d wanted for over a year, stalking it in the store each visit until it disappeared without ever having gone on sale. This time I bought it.

Keri sunhat

Super excited until Sunday night when I realized sticking it in my suitcase was not a good option for getting it home.  Even “crushable” hats never look quite the same and I didn’t want to mess it up until I’d had a chance to wear it.

So my Monday morning travel was quite painful. I had to carry it in my hands in the airport vs wearing it because of crowds (and to a lesser extent because it’s not quite sun hat season). I couldn’t wear it on the plane because of the brim in the back. Which meant I spent both flights gingerly balancing it on my knees, and nearly crying when I had to put the tray table down to do work since it was smushing the crown and possibly staining the white material.

I was uncomfortable and slightly anxious the whole time. Lesson learned. No hats (at least broad brimmed non-baseball caps) in economy on planes, and maybe not even in first class.

What clothing/accessory choice have you later regretted in flight?


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