The Travel Essentials I Can’t Do Without

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When Jeanne & I first started Heels First Travel, we each wrote about our travel essentials. Two years later, I find it interesting to see how my “must have” list has evolved.

Travel Wallet

I can’t do without my Tumi Travel Wallet! It makes keeping track of and carrying around all my loyalty cards, foreign money, travel documents, and passport easy. No fumbling around in my purse or laptop bag to find my paperwork when going through immigration. The wallet fits nicely in the hand and the zipper makes it easy to keep everything in.

delta tumi travel wallet


Security-Friendly Laptop Case with Tom Bihn Strap

I was skeptical if having a TSA friendly laptop case (one that unzips in the middle so your laptop can be screened without having to be taken out of the case) would really save me time. After several friendly races with friends through security, it clearly saved time and hassle.

Targus Checkpoint-Friendly 13” Ultra-Lite Corporate Traveler Laptop Case

My Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Strap is a must! No matter how heavy the bag gets, the strap has amazing cushion and is almost “bouncy”

Tom Bihn

Travel Pro 22″ Rollaboard Carry-on

On the majority of my flights I’m only doing carry on and having a suitcase that will fit in every bin (almost) every time is a must in reducing travel stress. I can cram alot in there and I find the placement and selection of pockets very convenient. I have wheeled it many miles for many years and the construction is outstanding. Even more important, when I do have to check it, it holds up to the bumps and bangs.

travelpro crew 9 rollaboard suiter

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I never thought I’d see the day when a face cream made my must have list, but it’s amazing. I’ve tried many other expensive face creams that I liked alot, but none can top Kiehl’s for going on very lightly, but providing great moisture that makes my face look fresh and combats the dehydration from flying.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

Tumi Quintessential Tote

I don’t always need a rollaboard for a quick trip and my Tumi Quintessential Tote always fits the bill. It comfortably holds an extra pair of heels, pjs, and a change of clothes and the pockets make it easy to keep track of makeup and deodorant saving me a hunt at the bottom of the bag. Plus, it looks really stylish so even when stuffed to the brim it wouldn’t be out of place carried into a restaurant or event.

Tumi Bag

Looking for gift ideas? 4 of the 6 items above were birthday or Christmas gifts and they’re definitely ones that keep on giving. 🙂

What items can’t you live without when traveling?


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