What is #UberIceCream?

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The Deal Mommy tweeted at us this morning to let us know #UberIceCream was in our area. But even after reading her post and the Uber blog post I still wasn’t really sure how it worked.

So in the spirit of exploration and adventure, I decided to try it out. Only to discover no ice cream was available?

#UberIceCream DC no availability

After waiting a few minutes (actually just hitting refresh constantly for a few minutes) a little blue ice cream cone showed up with a delivery time of less than 5 minutes.

#UberIceCream DC availability

I still wondered how this would work. And we quickly saw. Reginal, the incredibly nice ice cream delivery guy, showed up in a car flying Uber ice cream flags and hoisted a cooler onto the sidewalk to show us all our options.

#Ubericecream DC delivery

#Ubericecream DC selection

There was Hagan Daaz, crunchy bars, ice cream sandwiches, and sundae cones. There’s a minimum purchase of $20, but because “your free ride up to $30 credit” applied to ice cream purchases, I was going to get 6 for $30.

#Ubericecream DC Reginal Keri

But apparently if you buy 8 you get a pair of Uber Sunglasses and we just couldn’t resist. If you’re lucky enough to be near an ice cream social, an ice cream truck will come deliver $50+ of frozen goodies.

#Ubericecream DC sunglasses

The whole outing took less than 15 minutes, but left me and Jeanne in much better moods. Who doesn’t love a quick ice cream break during the work day!

#Ubericecream DC Keri all the icecream


#Ubericecream DC Jeanne Ice Cream Break

I wonder if the 5 free rides promo in South Carolina will also apply to #UberIceCream purchases? 🙂 If anyone tries, please let us know.

And if you haven’t signed up for Uber yet, today is a good day to do so! (And we thank you for supporting our ice cream habit by using my referral link.)


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