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I tried PopSugar’s Must Have monthly subscription box a year or two ago and wasn’t in love with it enough to justify the $35 a month price tag. But when two readers signed up using my coupon code, I earned a free box and decided to try it again.

It is still exciting to get a big box in the mail, and the contents were more exciting than last time.

PopSugar Must Have August 2014

PopSugar Must Have August 2014 Contents

There was a giant package of Celebrate! cookie mix from the Mason Jar Cookie Company ($12) and a purple Goodbyn Meal and Dipper set ($8). Both are cool, but I don’t do much baking and I tend to exclusively bring prepackaged salads to work.

PopSugar Must Have August 2014 Mason Jar Cookie Goodbyn

There were some beauty items as well — Lollia At Last perfumed shower gel ($22) and Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip ($22). As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t use much shower gel, but this one’s shea butter and jojoba oil content makes it good for shaving. I do adore lip gloss so was excited to try this one. A bit bright, but I love the strawberry, coconut, and avocado oils.

PopSugar Must Have August 2014 Lollia bite beauty

Next up, food. One of the reasons I didn’t like my other two boxes (which had a high % of food). A thinkThin Brownie crunch high protein bar. Eh. A great smelling Ocean Tide + Sea Salt mini candle from Paddy wax ($10) and a pair of Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in a slate color ($52). The earrings are actually pretty attractive, but they don’t look expensive, definitely not $52 or even $22. The stone in the middle is fairly translucent and looks a bit like plastic. BUT from a distance, I think they’ll look nice.

PopSugar Must Have August 2014 paddwax candle kendra scott earrings think thin


So not a bad box at all, but made me realize that my own interests are too diverse and my preferences too strong to make this worth it for me on a regular monthly basis. I think I’ll be keeping an eye on the themes and jump in for the ones that seem most aligned to what I’d want.

If you’re not as weird as I am about food, kitchen gadgets and/or the thickness of earrings and want to give it a try, please sign up using my link, and I’ll be able to try a few more boxes at a discount. If you use coupon code Refer5, you may also get $5 off your first box.


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