Plane Diverted After Fight Breaks Out Over Reclining Seat

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This morning I awoke to the news that debate over reclining airline seats has reached a new high (or low) as it were. View From The Wing and YULtide on Milepoint both posted about the United flight that was diverted yesterday when two passengers got into an animated dispute on a flight from Newark to Denver.

AP article reclining seat flight diverted


I don’t think I realized products like the Knee Defender existed, and while I’m sympathetic (as someone who has had their laptop nearly broken by over enthusiastic recliners) I don’t really support their use.

My approach until I got a smaller computer was to ask the person in front of me before take off if they could give me a warning or recline slowly so I can make sure I get my laptop out of the way in time. I’ve never had anyone take that badly and on the margin it’s probably resulted in fewer “full reclines.” Yes it was awkward, but preferable to the alternatives.

What is your personal philosophy when it comes to reclining seats?


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