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What Never Leaves Your Carry-on?

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I have one pocket of my carry on suitcase filled with useful stuff that I never unpack. It’s made doing last minute weekend trips so much easier when all I’m worrying about is what clothes, shoes, and seasonally appropriate items I need. So what’s in there?

I’d almost forgotten, so this weekend I pulled it out to take inventory of what needed to be added or replaced:

  • advil travel size amenity kitTravel size packets of
    –Pepto Bismol
    –Tylenol Cold & Sinus
    –Allergy pill
  • TSA allowed wine openercorkscrew_boomerang
  • Bandaids and Heel Blister Cushions
  • Yoga Toes
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Color printout of my passport
  • Razor
  • Air activated heating patch (not sure why I put that in and will probably take it out…)

In my laptop case (which I travel with 99% of the time) I always keep:

I was surprised at having these “go-to” items always available has cut down on minor annoyances like having a headache or the sniffles, and saved me money and time when I’m not having to hunt down a drugstore on a short trip or late at night.

What do you keep packed in your travel bags?

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