US Airways 100% Bonus Offer Extended

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Surprise surprise. The 100% bonus on US Airways Dividend Miles purchases has been extended to October 12. With the bonus capped at 50,000 miles, you can’t quite buy enough to redeem 120,000 miles for a $10,000 ticket to Asia in Cathay Pacific First Class, but you could buy the 100,000 miles needed for a British Airways business class ticket to Europe for $2,000. Though it’s questionable if that’s better than waiting for a fare sale.

Cathay Pacific First Class Cabin HKG-SFO

Mostly it’s just a good opportunity to top off your account to reach whatever mileage balance you need to redeem, whether it’s 25,000 domestically or 120,000+ internationally. Or if you plan to surprise someone with a trip to Paris! 

And according to View from the Wing, this is probably the last time we can buy at the big bonus.


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