Decent US Airways Vinesse Deal: 5,000 miles + Club Pass for $145

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I’m not a fan of Vinesse at all, but occasionally they come out with decent mileage deals. (More often they come out with not so great deals.)

I just received an email for 5,000 US Airways miles + a US Airways club pass if you spend ~$145 on two shipments of 6 bottles.

Vinesse 5000 US Airways Email


In the past, it’s been very difficult to figure out exactly what it would take to earn the miles, like the 9,000 mile promotion.

This time it’s pretty clear, and not a terrible deal if you’re in the market for US Airways miles.

Vinesse 5000 US Airways offer details


2,000 miles for your first shipment at $41.95.

3,000 miles plus a US Airways lounge pass for your second shipment, which I’m roughly estimating would be $84 + $18 in shipping.

So if you value a club pass at $29 (the cost of buying it online when you check in for a US Airways flight, then you’re buying 5,000 US Airways miles for $115 which comes out at roughly at 2.3 cents per mile. You’d currently be paying (with no bonus offers) 3.5 cents a mile for the same quantity on the US Airways website. If you value a club pass at more than $29, then its an even better deal.

And if you value the wine, then it becomes even more valuable. I personally do not. When I tried it some years ago, half the bottles were mediocre, the other half gave me some of the worst headaches in my life (and I didn’t even finish the bottle). So drink at your own risk!

Keep in mind it probably takes several weeks after each monthly shipment to credit, so not a good option if you need miles in a hurry. And make sure you cancel after the second shipment!

Note: We receive no affiliate credit for any purchases made and my recommendation extends only as far as the miles. Satisfaction with the wine is your own risk.


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