A New Perfect Travel Pillow?

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travelrest_travel_pillow_blueThere’s a new contender (possibly) in the travel pillow space. On my trip to Israel in coach last year I discovered and fell in love with the Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow.

Unlike the plush foamy neck pillows it deflated to the size of a coke can, saving me room, and the shape gave my head something to lean against preventing those annoying head snaps as my neck started to relax.

Now apparently there’s a Kickstarter contender, the Perfect Travel Pillow, who is addressing some of those same concerns a little differently. His prototype offers a behind the neck pillow held on by straps (that don’t interfere with entertainment system on the back), and a side pillow secured in place by an aluminum frame.

kickstarter perfect travel pillow

kickstarter perfect travel pillow entertainment system

While I like the idea of having a steady place to lean my head, the fact that you can’t change the side is a bit of a downer — I get really sore if I rest on only one side. The other thing that makes this less attractive is the size — they suggest just hanging it off your carryon handle as a way to save space in your luggage, which makes it not much more convenient than the typical neck pillow.

What do you think? And what’s your favorite travel pillow?

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