Waiting for the Punchline at Breakfast

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I had a hilarious conversation with my waiter reminiscent of Airplane! a few weekends ago. I was staying at a Hyatt and went down for breakfast. As I was being seated I asked the hostess what the “Diamond benefits” were thinking I might prefer to order off the menu rather than do the buffet.

She offered to go get my waiter who was more familiar with that information. He came over and confirmed I wanted to know about the Diamond benefit.

“Well, if you stay a certain number of nights, Hyatt gives you status. You need to stay 50 nights to get Diamond…”

I just sat there for a minute trying to figure out if he was joking, half expecting to hear him end with “but that’s not important right now.”

He wasn’t and realizing the misunderstanding, I clarified I wanted to know what the Diamond breakfast amenity was — could I order off the menu up to a certain amount or was it just the buffet?

I can only imagine what he thought about getting such an apparently random question at 6AM…


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