Where to Stay on Easter Island

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I realized I never wrote about where I stayed last year on Easter Island, which was a shame since I loved it and feel very emphatic that everyone who is going should check it out. To figure out where to stay on my trip of a lifetime, I started by looking at Trip Advisor reviews and doing a Google search for best Easter Island hotels.

Obviously there are no chains since land can only be owned by native residents. I couldn’t afford either of the pricey all inclusives at $1000+ a night. The other accommodations all seemed the same, although some were a little more basic than I would have liked. Then I found Hareswiss under Specialty Lodging and I knew I had found the right place. It was a bargain at $80 a night and I’d get my own spacious one-room villa with a fridge.

Hareswiss Easter Island hotel double room

Hareswiss Easter Island hotel amenities

Hareswiss Easter Island hotel bathroom

It was not luxurious, but it was very clean and comfortable and I loved my hosts, Peter & Tiare. It was about a mile from town and had a great view of the ocean from the private porches. Also a view of the delightfully semi-wild garden.

Hareswiss Easter Island hotel porch view

The basic but plentiful breakfast included with the rate was served on the porch of the main house with a great view including one of the statues, and if it rained they would bring the breakfast to each villa.

Hareswiss Easter Island hotel breakfast with view

They were also very nice about providing a sun hat, ensuring I had sunscreen, selling me bottles of water at the store price since I hadn’t had time to stock up. When I wasn’t home after my all day tour, they called my tour guide to make sure I wasn’t lost somewhere in the hills. Very attentive without being officious!

Like most accommodations on Easter Island, the price includes pickup and dropoff at the airport. It also included internet, but as I was to learn later, internet all over the island is PAINFULLY slow and despite my best efforts I could never get a strong enough signal to do more than browse a few pages.

If Hareswiss is not available, or you’re traveling in a larger group, you should definitely check out the newly remodeled accommodations at Tekarera just down the road, run by my fantastic tour guide.

Tekarera Easter Island Hotel hallway

Tekarera Easter Island Hotel double room

Tekarera Easter Island Hotel bathroom

The price was the same and I have to say the rooms were even a little nicer (I asked if I could take a tour), though you traded the private porch was the beautiful wrap around accessible to all guests.

Tekarera Easter Island Hotel porch view


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