My 10 Favorite Freebies For Your Birthday

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In honor of our birthdays coming up (Jeanne’s is next week and mine is in the beginning of March); I’m going to share my favorite birthday freebies from restaurants and businesses. This is in no way a comprehensive list; these are my personal favorites and the ones that I think are the best deals.

You can get these by signing up for the businesses E-club or E-mail list on their website. Some require you to sign up at least seven days before your birthday, and some can be up to 30 days. Some of these discounts are good only on the day of your birthday. Some are good for up to one week after, and some are good for an entire month.

Another note, this list is based on previous years. Businesses always reserve the right to change these offers so if anyone has seen something different for 2015, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

Texas de Brazil – BOGO coupon for dinner. Buy one dinner, get one free. A dinner costs $45, so if they still offer this; it is a great deal. It does not include drinks or dessert. It is not good for Saturday nights or holidays. Right now if you sign up for their Eclub you’ll get a coupon for $25 off your next dinner. They also will send you a coupon on your wedding anniversary as well.

Benihana – $30 birthday certificate. This is only valid Mon – Thurs during dinner, you have to buy at least one adult entrée, and the $30 will be applied to that and any additional food you order (if the entrée is less than $30). Discount will not go towards alcohol, tax, and gratuity.

Hooters – Free wings! Sue me. I love wings, and I love the wings at Hooters. The old birthday deal was 10 free wings on your birthday, no additional purchase required. Their website says they are making changes to their Eclub so I hope they’re not changing that offer. *fingers crossed*

IHOP – Free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity breakfast. You don’t even have to get that breakfast; you can get any of their breakfast meals for the same price or less. They also give you a free breakfast for signing up and one every year on the anniversary of when you signed up as well as on your birthday.

Firehouse Subs – You don’t need to sign up for anything for this deal. You show up on your birthday and show your ID and you’ll get a free medium celebratory sub.

Taco Cabana – Free flauta plate. It includes three chicken flautas, rice, beans, sour cream, guac, pico. No additional purchase required. I have no idea if you can substitute this for another entrée because I love chicken flautas. If you can, let me know.

Marie Callenders – $5 Coupon and free slice of pie. Yes, this is a restaurant, not just the food in the frozen section and their pie is awesome. I don’t live near one anymore but I would definitely do this if we did.

Movie Tavern and Alamo Drafthouse – There aren’t that many Movie Taverns (only 19 and 9 of them are in Texas) but if you sign up for their Eclub you get a free ticket on your birthday. Alamo Drafthouse offers the same deal. There are more Alamo Drafthouse theaters, but the majority of them are again, in Texas. Both of these are full service restaurant/bar movie theaters.

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) – $5 gift certificate towards any purchase. I shouldn’t have to explain why I like this deal. 😉

Aveda – You get a free Personal Blends, Pure-Fume (get it, it sounds like perfume… uh, nevermind) Spirit or body care product (up to a $25 value) custom blended with the aroma of your choice.

Again, this isn’t a complete list; there are tons of other deals out there, lots with free desserts, appetizers, or bogo meal deals, 15% discounts, etc.

Oh, and if anyone was thinking of getting me an African Grave Post for my birthday… don’t. Just… don’t.


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