4 Device Car Charger for Only $4.99

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Over the years I’ve gradually learned tokeep a car charger in my carry-on so I can keep my phone, camera, and any other devices charged up on long drives and difficult service areas, like Napa, that quickly drain batteries. I have one in my own car, not sure why it took me so long to keep one handy for rental cars!

I recently discovered the PNY 12 Volt 2.1 Amp Rapid USB Car Charger that charges my phone as fast as my fire wire at home, but Amazon has a deal on something even better for less!PNY 12 Colt 2.1 Amp Rapid USB Car Charger

This made it on the Slickdeals homepage, the Poweradd 4.2A/21W 3-Port USB Car Charger w/ Built-in Micro USB Cable is currently going for $9.99 plus $5 off when you apply code 57BIEyI3.

Poweradd 4.2A 21W 3-Port USB Car Charger

At $4.99 and free Prime shipping it’s even cheaper then the one I bought and means you can charge multiple devices at once or share with your passenger. Time for an upgrade!

Note that reviewers indicate it’s not as friendly for Apple products and you can only charge two devices at full speed. Also note that we may receive affiliate credit for purchases made using the links above. Thank you for your support!


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