Should You Jump On This Week’s Daily Getaways Deals?

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If you’re new to travel and/or Daily Getaways deals, here’s a recommendation on how to figure out if this Week 1 deals are worth it. (Note: If you’re an experienced traveler and/or aware of these deals already, this post probably won’t be helpful).  I had completely forgotten about these offers until my Twitter feed blew up with notifications around 7AM this morning. 🙂

Daily Getaways deals offer discounted miles, points, sometimes elite status. But in a Groupon crazed world, are they actually deals? Sometimes.

Looking the first week of Getaway Deals, I’d say no at first glance. With a little creativity you could probably snag a $25 rental car discount or purchase points for less. BUT if you already have specific destinations in mind this summer this could be a quick and easy way to save money.

Week One Daily Getaways deals

My recommendation for the casual traveler trying to save some money and alot of time: don’t make a speculative booking, only buy if you have a specific trip in mind that the deal will work for. Booking without a hotel in mind means you might wind up with very expensive points

TODAY, since these deals have limited quantities and often sell out in hours, do the following:

  1. Do a quick search of the hotels for your destination and look at the reviews and prices to see if there is a Radisson, Hilton, IHG (Intercontinental & Holiday Inn), or Diamond Resort property that fits your needs or would be your top pick (if it’s an expensive property).
  2. Check the points needed to book a room on points for your dates.
  3. Compare to the price of buying the rooms outright. Simple math — if the cost of buying the 100,000 points is less than the cost of paying for the stay, it’s worth it.

Ex: One weekend night at the Club Carlson London property, The May Fair, in June is going for ~$500. To book using points would be 70,000 points. So if your heart is set on staying there and no other hotel will do, buying 100,000 Club Carlson points for $450 would be a good deal. Especially if you have the Club Carlson Business Visa which gives you two award nights for the price of one.

The May Fair London room

For the same weekend in June you could stay at the Waldorf Hilton in London for ~$327 or 80,000 points. Buying the 100,000 Hilton HHonors points package for $500 means you’re essentially spending $400 a night for that room. So in this case, not a good deal.waldorf hilton london exterior

Obviously you can get much more sophisticated in your evaluations — calculate cash & points options, cheaper means of buying miles, etc — but if on a busy Monday morning you’re just trying to figure out whether to jump or not, hopefully this helps!


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