A Quick Fix for Hotel Room Smells

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One reason I like staying at Westins is their signature “Westin smell.” But unfortunately few other brands have that standard and thus more often than I’d like, I find myself in a perfectly clean room that still smells stale or even a little musty. I’m ridiculously excited though that I’ve just discovered a portable solution that’s far less hassle then carting around air freshener sprays or plug ins: Scentsy Travel Tins

scentsy travel tins

I mentioned my smell problem last month to a friend who promptly sent me a gift box with several Scentsy products to try out on my trips. The plugin was too large and too messy for travel (though great for my apartment when my neighbors’ smoking comes through the vents).

But the tins are perfect! Smaller than a box of Altoids, these $5 tiny tins pack a big, but not overwhelming punch. My Hyatt House in Colorado Springs was great, but stale smelling. I popped the tin open and within 2-3 hours the suite smelled fresh with a tiny hint of scent.

That’s what I love the most! The smell is subtle so you’re not trading musty for musky 🙂

And it comes in a lot of different scents so you can personalize it to your preference. I liked the Just Breathe scent she sent me, but I think next time I might torture myself with Sugar Cookie or Caramel Pear Crisp.

Note: I do not receive any affiliate credit for Scentsy purchases, but if you do make one using the links above my friend will (which she deserves for introducing me to these things!) 🙂


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