Losing My Mind or Discovering the Hyatt Security Breach?

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Yesterday I had a few free minutes so decided to call Hyatt to check on a cash & points availability for an upcoming reservation. I went to the Hyatt website to login to my account to get my account number.

hyatt password not recognized screen

That’s funny, because that’s the password that Chrome has had saved for months. Hmmm. Maybe a different password got substituted. So I manually type it in. Nope. I try variations. Nope.

I switch my passwords around fairly frequently but I could have sworn this was the right password. Eventually I give up and with my remaining free minutes quickly reset my password, log in, and call. In retrospect, I should have gone straight to Award Wallet to begin with, but it had become a “thing” and I wanted to figure it out.

5 hours later it became clear I wasn’t going crazy when an email titled “Required Password Change” showed up:

Hyatt change password email copy

Some Hyatt Gold Passport accounts had been compromised so they required everyone to reset their passwords.

As someone with a background in marketing, I know what a mess these situations can be and how many things have to happen instantaneously. That said, I do think they should have sent the email out sooner or at least put a message on the login page letting people know they needed to reset…

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