Easy Ways to Find & Book Hotel Day Rooms

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Whether you have a long layover, a painfully delayed flight, or just came in on a red eye, sometimes all you want is to be able to freshen up and nap for a few hours before facing the world (and perhaps friends you haven’t seen in years).

Getting a day room at a hotel is the perfect fix –my experience at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa actually turned an annoying layover into a mini-vacation in itself –but it’s not always easy.

There’s two problems really:

  • Finding hotels that offer day rooms. They often aren’t listed on the website which means calling around to check availability.
  • Paying a reasonable price. You don’t really want to have to pay for the whole night when you’re only going to be using the room for a few hours.

Fortunately several websites offer a solution, enabling you to search locations and make free reservations directly through them.

HotelsByDay offers 4 and 5-star day room options in 14 US cities (and London) including Atlanta, Boston, New York, DC, and Honolulu. They offer beach locations as well as airport and cities.When booking in advance, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. — offers day rooms at 3-5 star properties in over 50 countries, with a large selection of airport locations and the option to search for suites. features day rooms at 1,500+ hotels in the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Spain, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Ireland, and the US. Doesn’t require a credit card in advance and cancellations must be made through their site. Interestingly enough if fail to show up or cancel, they won’t let you book through them again without a credit card.

Consider bookmarking this page (or theirs) for easy access when you’re on the road!

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