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Lessons From the Road (With Cats) Pt 2 [Photos]

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The state of Kansas, I report, is not as boring as is stereotyped. Eastern Kansas has nice rolling hills in the Flint Hills formations, which I actually enjoyed. The western half of the state was flatter and less intriguing.
nori trouble dude cat roadtrip
We stopped in Salina, KS for internet-famous (which is the best kind of famous) sliders at a place called The Cozy Inn. My friend the internet didn’t do us wrong; they were great. We even put little pins in their USA map indicating our past and future home town (both of which already had pins, surprisingly). Lesson? Don’t judge a small, seemingly depressing midwest farm town by their lack of sliders.
Colorado, I am happy to report, is lousy with wind farms on the eastern half of the state, and coffee shops on the Front Range. Sorry, East Coasters, but I’ve had damn good coffee here, perhaps more so than I’ve had back on the East Coast. So, come here for the choice, uncountable coffee offerings, but stay for all of the breweries. Seriously, there are just so, so many great breweries on the Front Range.trouble dashboard road trip cuddle
Finally, we arrived at our anticipated humble abode. So many miles, so many overwhelming activities for our road weary kitties. Even we were pooped.
Last night of the trip. Clockwise L-R: The Dude, Trouble, Nori

Last night of the trip. Clockwise L-R: The Dude, Trouble, Nori

We arrived at a (so I’m told) meteorologically perplexing time. It has been raining for the past 5 days in CO and Wyoming. It is actually relatively green and verdant. Much to my chagrin (being an East Coaster) I’ve been informed that by now, the entirety of the landscape is a more stereotypical western prairie brown color. The word used often here is bizarre. I’m claiming climate change, just ask Martin O’Malley or Bernie Sanders.
I think my final lesson is one that I sorta knew all along, and you probably already knew. This country has some great places. Wyoming is undoubtedly one of them, and I am happy here. If you haven’t traveled across the country, do it. You’ll learn something.

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