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The American Mobile App Can Cause Heart Attacks

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My heart stopped. At a scenic overlook somewhere on the way to Fairbanks I had pulled up my American mobile app to verify when my flight from Anchorage left in a day or two later so I could be sure to check in exactly at the 24 hour mark and be top of the list for an upgrade.

Except now I had two flight reservations. With unique confirmation numbers.American Airlines Mobile App Duplicate ReservationsAnd one was departing more than 12 hours earlier than planned. And had me spending the day/night at DFW?

American Airlines Mobile App Reservation Glitch

I figured it was a glitch, but with flights booked through US Airways, you never know. And internet access in Alaska can be spotty. Sure enough I lost the signal at the rest stop and had two hours to fret before I could check it out.

It turns out flight 1008 did indeed exist, but was flying Newark to Dallas. The question is, how did that flight wind up under my reservations?

At this point I was 100% sure it was just a technology glitch, as the confirmation number wouldn’t actually pull up an itinerary. But it was nerve racking that the day before the flight the mobile app was inviting me to check in (I couldn’t). And even as I was boarding my original flight I kept expecting them to say that my ticket was invalid…

What funny scares have you had?

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  1. PainCorp

    August 26, 2015 at 6:47 am

    You do realize that upgrade list position is based on time of original request, right? Not time of checkin.

  2. Keri Anderson

    August 26, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Unfortunately I’d booked American flights through US Airways which meant the soonest I could request an upgrade was 24 hours out, at check in :/

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