Good Deal on Portable Charger for iPhone, Samsung, etc

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Another deal from Amazon’s Countdown to Black Friday deals. They have the Jackery Bar External Battery Charger – 6,000 mAh for $15.99 as one of their deals of the day. Supposedly the list price is $89.95 making it a 82% savings. It looks like it’s being sold for $18.59-$25+ on other websites, so its still a good price if not 82%.

I try to always have an external battery tucked into my purse or laptop case. When you’re using your phone or tablet to keep up with work and take all your pictures, the battery can run down quickly and not always near a convenient power outlet. And now that technology has evolved so that you can afford one that charges your phone 2-3x and at high speed, it’s worth carrying the extra weight.

Jackery Bar External Battery Charger - 6000mAh with phone

The Jackery has an avg 4.5 stars and over 4,500 reviews. It also will automatically turn off when the device is charged and can be charged while charging another device — great for plugging in overnight. If you want something a little smaller and less powerful, they also have the Jackery Mini Portable Charger 3200mAh for $10.99.

Deals on powerful portable chargers come up often, so this isn’t a “must have” but it’s a good price so if you’re in the market for one, consider grabbing it.

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