Afternoon Tea in Las Vegas: Bellagio’s Petrossian Bar

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I hadn’t planned on having afternoon tea at the Bellagio on my trip earlier this year, but thanks to my American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts booking, I had a $100 credit at the hotel’s restaurants. Except not all the restaurants and excluding alcohol. So my plan to have an extravagent free lunch with a bottle of wine at one of the restaurants bordering the lake had to be scrapped.

But tea is good, I like tea.

Bellagio afternoon tea, not “high tea” is served from 2-5PM at the Petrossian Bar. I made a reservation for shortly after 2 and the bar was packed.

High Tea Las Vegas Bellagio Petrossian Bar Entrance

Fortunately tea is served in a roped off section at the end and was actually quite peaceful and quiet.

High Tea Las Vegas Bellagio Petrossian Bar back section

They had a lovely selection of teas — I went with the loose leaf earl grey which put my daily earl grey to shame.

High Tea Las Vegas Bellagio PetrossianBar Tea Selection

High Tea Las Vegas Bellagio Petrossian Tea Table


I decided against the upgrade to champagne and proceeded to pick sandwiches. I went with the Chicken Waldorf, the Bayonne Ham & Grueyere, the Smoked Salmon with Caviar, and (I think) the Egg Salad.

High Tea Las Vegas Petrossian Bar Sandwiches Menu

In addition to the sandwiches you get traditional scones served with clotted cream, jam, and even lemon curd!

High Tea Las Vegas Bellagio Petrossian Food Selection

And of course french pastries.

High Tea Las Vegas Bellagio Petrossian French Pastries

I was swimming in food!Keri High Tea Las Vegas Petrossian Bar

At $37 before tax and tip it was not cheap, but it was a fun experience. I don’t think I would indulge again though in another Las Vegas high tea unless I had another dining credit to use.

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