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Vdara All Suite Hotel In Las Vegas

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Mlife Platinum status got me nothing when I checked into the Vdara all-suites hotel on a Sunday night.

Vdara Las Vegas Entrance from tram bellagio


In fact, I went through the regular check in line (fortunately only had to wait a few minutes) because it wasn’t clear if the unmanned VIP Guests desk was for Mlife members since there was no signage.

Vdara Las Vegas lobby

I was tired and hadn’t done my homework on the hotels capacity like Jeanne did, so decided this wasn’t the time to try tipping for an upgrade for the first time. and figured I’d only be there one night. But when they offered me paid upgrades to the City Corner Suite for $60 or a Vdara Suite for $40 (which sounded like the website pricing), I decided to go for it and decided not to check the website rates in case I’d ripped myself off like One Mile at a Time did. ( I did later and I paid the website price which was fine)

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite 34021

They had assigned me room 34021 which wound up be directly off the elevators. That made me a little nervous about noise levels but other than a dog barking as it was walked down the hall, I heard nothing!

Directly off the front door is a spacious half bath.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Half Bath

You walk immediately into the kitchen area which features a full size fridge, two burner stove, tiny dishwasher, etc and dining table for 4.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Kitchen

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Dining Table

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite dining table room service

The kitchen wasn’t very stocked though — there were two mugs and no cooking utensils, so it wouldn’t have been very handy for cooking. Or maybe mine just hadn’t been replaced after the last guest? In the fridge there were also two small bottles of water and two k-cups for the coffee maker. Sadly neither was decaf.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Complimentary water coffee

The living room was quite spacious and very cozily lit. When I raised the blinds to create more natural light I realized why they were closed — the powerful Las Vegas sun immediately began baking the room.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Living Room

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Living room kitchen view

The bedroom was a nice size, also cozily lit.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite King

Vdara Suite Las Vegas Bedroom (600x125)

The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Bathroom

I loved the dual sinks and upscale bath amenities.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Double Sinks bathroom

The giant soaking tub with rolling cart to make it easier to access your book, towel, etc.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Soaking tub

A nice size shower, but unfortunately no door to the toilet, though it probably didn’t matter as much since it had the extra half bath.

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite Shower

There wasn’t much of a view, partially because of the dirty windows!

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite view

Vdara Las Vegas Vdara Suite 34th floor view

The room service menu was typically overpriced and not that exciting, but there was a fun cafe/market place in the lobby area (as well as a Starbucks) that had a great selection of hot and cold items.

Vdara Las Vegas market cafe Vdara

I was tempted to just grab cheese and charcuterie from their refrigerated case and a bottle of wine but wound up ordering the “hot” goat cheese salad from the deli which was great.

Vdara Las Vegas market cafe vdara goat cheese salad

Note: the nearby Walgreens also has a selection of prepared foods and meats and cheeses, not as nice, but 30% cheaper. They also have a really decent selection of affordable and high end wine that, for Vegas, is not horribly priced.

The next morning as I was wandering in search of breakfast I discovered there’s a fire station underneath/adjacent to the hotel. They have to put them somewhere, but it was so unexpected I had to laugh.

Vdara Las Vegas fire station

It was a great suite — and if I have an extended business stay in Las Vegas, I think I would prefer staying here since it’s set up to be very “livable.” It was not, however, convenient to get to the Strip from the hotel.

The connected Bellagio next door is a 10 minute walk through corridors and shops and crowds. They do have a tram to take you to the Aria and shopping center, that too takes awhile.

Vdara Las Vegas Aria bellagio tram

Vdara Las Vegas tram station

So if you want to walk out your hotel and be on the Strip, this isn’t the best choice.


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