The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Business Trips?

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Quill just released an infographic with helpful packing tips for business trips (and leisure trips) which even includes stain removal tips when on-the-go.

I’m not sure I really need a reminder to check the weather but I heartily second their recommendations to pack travel bottles 3/4 full to avoid cabin pressure explosions in your luggage and to pack heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase.

I would add the following tip: avoid the urge to pack fragile items at the front (side closest to zipper when standing), expecially when checking a bag. Opt for putting them in the middle since many bags are loaded onto the plane front side down.

I also typically tuck some extra plastic bags in my suitcase for dirty shoes or wet items rather than a shower cap.

Do you have any favorite packing tips you’d add to the list below?

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Your Go-To Business Trip Packing Tips

Your Go-To Business Trip Packing Tips
Infographic by Quill

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