Great Price on Favorite Sandals for Hiking & Siteseeing

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A couple of years ago I went in search of the perfect hiking sandals for Easter Island. I didn’t have much room in my bag and I wanted something that was sturdy enough for the trail and pretty enough to wear with a dress and dine out. Teva Zirra

I found the most amazing sandals — the Teva Zirra. They have minimal straps, great treads, and a super comfy footbed. They looked so good that my guide tried to send me back to my room to change into sensible shoes. 🙂

Later I wore them all over Israel, including into the Dead Sea. They were worth every penny of the $40-$50 they usually cost on sale. Mine are still in good shape, but now that Amazon has them as low as $21 for some sizes, I’m tempted to buy a backup pair.

Most, but not all sizes, in black are $21-$24, the lowest I’ve ever seen them! Even the few sizes that are pricier are still under $40. Not sure how long this price drop will last, so if you’re interested, act fast.

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