3 Ways to Fight Breakouts While Traveling

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One of the downsides to frequent traveling is the toll it takes on my skin. Like magic, a blemish will pop up on my face out of nowhere by the time I get off a flight. And it’s duration is heavily aided and abetted by dehydration and changes to sleep and diet.

At home, I have lots of options for treating breakouts, but when traveling I need something simple, compact, and practically odorless. Which is where my monthly beauty boxes come in — I’ve been able to test a lot of products without having shell out a lot of money.

And of the many I’ve tried, two have stood out for their portability, speed and effectiveness.

Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum $35 
a white bottle with blue textContains the tea tree oil I use at home and a whole lot more. Gentle, almost odorless (unlike pure tea tree oil), and starts reducing redness within 24 hours.

Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone $15

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I’m not a huge fan of rollers, but Juice Beauty’s Blemish Be Gone is effective and unobtrusive. I keep it in my laptop bag and use it for spot treatments throughout the day. Cuts the time it takes my face to heal in half!

Pure Honey

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In a pinch when I’ve forgotten the others, I’ll swipe the little jar of honey served at breakfast or with tea. Honey has great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. So a sticky 10-15 minutes slathered on my face leaves my skin soft and moisturized and any redness greatly reduced.

What are you favorite blemish treatments on the road?

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