Airport Worker Becomes Famous For Doing His Job

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Not The Onion and it doesn’t involve pat downs. Piper works at the Cherry Capital Airport, herding geese and other birds off the runways, often sitting within yards of large aircraft. His success was picked up on Reddit and he became an internet sensation almost overnight.

piper bordercollie courtesy of airportk9 org

If it works, this is a great solution for airplanes since bird strikes are common and can severely cripple an aircraft. In January a Southwest flight out of Sacramento had bird strikes in both engines. And geese might have been responsible for the “Miracle on the Hudson” flight back in 2009.

Piper has is own website at and a Facebook page with lots of pictures. There’s even a feature that lets you know when he’s on duty.

piper border collie american air courtesy of airportk9 org

And no, the goggles are not just a fashion statement. He does actually have to wear the glasses to protect him from the debris kicked up by aircraft.

And by the way, the airport has one of the best mailing addresses ever. It’s on Fly Don’t Dr.


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