Dogs Now Flying Planes (Not the Onion), Amazon Gift Card Deals & More

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Headlines & highlights from around the web:

A team in New Zealand is successfully teaching rescue dogs how to fly planes. So far the canines are never without a human co-pilot, but still crazy stuff. Video is worth watching.

Amazon has been putting a few gift cards on lightning deals each day this week. Today it’s $5 off $25 at Famous Footwear at 11:29AM ET and Lane Bryant at 5:29PM ET.

Miles from Blighty is giving away a Thai Airways First Class Rimowa Amenity Kit. These awesome kits are not only adorable, they’re also worth a bit on Ebay. So don’t miss your chance to enter!

Today is National Zoo Lovers Day! I do enjoy checking out some of the more amazing zoos and aquariums around the world, though I have woefully poor hippo karma, which as been documented in my various trip reports:

bad hippo

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