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3 Days In Singapore: A Shift In Hippo Karma At The Singapore Night Zoo

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So the Singapore Night Safari was the #1 thing I wanted to see on this visit. I had loved my visit to the Zoo last time, so I could only imagine how great it would be to visit when all the nocturnal animals were active. Head’s up that I have a pretty good camera for low light, but not quite good enough so the pictures are a little blurry.

We took a cab out to the safari, arriving around 8:30PM, bought our tickets and headed inside. It was a bit of a madhouse but quite pretty with all the trees in the courtyard wrapped in purple lights. We had clearly arrived at peak time and wound up waiting 30-40 minutes to board the tram. I recommend coming earlier, or if you can, come late, when we were leaving around 10:30 the trams were running but it was completely empty.

I had been excited about the tram ride but it was even better than I had hoped. Not only did we go close to the animal enclosures but in many cases (with the non-dangerous animals) the tram went through the pens and we got to see antelopes, tapirs, etc grazing right next to our car!!

Singapore Night Safari Elephant

I was most excited when we approached the hippo area since we all know my previous luck. Only to see 3 smooth backs sleeping in the pond. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. As soon as the tram ride ended I immediately headed with my long suffering friend down the walking trails back to the hippo enclosure. Along the way we got to see the Tiger, the ugly Babirusa (hairless pig-like things) and the rather creepy pacing hyenas.

Singapore Night Safari Tiger

Singapore Night Safari Barbirusa

Singapore Night Safari Hyena

This time we arrived at the hippo enclosure and they were out of the water and eating at the far end of their area! Then a safari attendant arrived with some fresh greens and I got to see them all walk across and head down into their pond to eat. It sounds anti-climatic, but I was a happy happy soul!!

Which was good, because instead of having us retrace our steps, I got turned around and we wound up taking the absolute farthest path back to the park entrance (in purple).

Heels First Tour of Singapore Night Safari


Although we did get to check out the fun theme of Z’bar — I want one of those chairs for my place! 🙂

Keri Night Safari Z'bar

But this was a problem, because I had planned to leave for the airport from our hotel at 11PM and it was already 10PM. Yikes! An hour should have been enough to catch a cab, finish packing and get back. But the taxi line was more than 50 people long and that late at night there were very few drop offs.

In a panic I ran back to the bus area I’d seen and stumbled upon a really a good deal! The cabs were $20SGD+ but the SAex bus, which only made a couple of stops with one across the street from our hotel was only $5SGD a person! We caught the 10:30PM bus and it wound up only being a 35 min ride, which allowed me to be packed and out of the hotel by 11:30PM. Woohoo!

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